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Sports Tournament Concierge is a free, full service housing company which allows all those involved with arranging travel and transportation to let us do the work, so they can focus on the big game. We concentrate on making your stay as effortless and successful as possible while increasing sponsorship opportunities for your organization. 

We’ve become a trusted teammate to handle housing & travel for tournament directors, coaches, teams/programs/franchises and conferences throughout the nation, at all levels:

  • Youth
  • High School/Prep
  • Collegiate
  • Amateur
  • Professional

And it’s free. There is no catch. Let Sports Tournament Concierge make your team travel better – and your life easier.

Travel. Sleep. Win. Repeat.

Keep your eyes on the trophy while we handle the travel.

Custom Housing Solutions for Youth and Adult Sporting Events and Tournaments

We enhance the event experience for coaches, managers, parents, players and event attendees. Our sports concierge services make us a champion in athletics event management.

Team Sponsorships

We offer professional full-service housing and travel solutions through a custom website and real time reservation system. We negotiate, contract and manage room blocks to give you a win for maximizing your sponsorship dollars.

Travel with your team

Whether your favorite team is traveling to a scrimmage game in a neighboring state or across the country to a championship tournament, we want you front and center showing your support for them. We are here to negotiate and manage your hotel, air and ground transportation to the destination—regardless of the size of the event. We ensure that your booking process is seamless and enjoyable so you can follow your team to victory.

Do it for the fans

We focus on getting a team’s fans to their destination with all of their accommodations in order so they can focus on cheering on the team. Our full-service housing company offers a seamless process for fans, family and alumni by giving them access to discounted hotel accommodations, transportation and local attractions.

Testimonials for Our Full-service Housing Company

Let Us Help You Plan Your Team’s Next Away Game

Our expert sports concierges are ready to get you the win over lodging and travel planning. Contact us today for your housing and travel accommodations.